The Registry is made up of the following Divisions:
- Council Affairs
- Personnel Affairs Division
- Academic Affairs Division
- Students' Affairs Division
The main divisions dealing with students are the Academic Affairs and students 'Affairs Divisions. The Academic Affairs Division handles matters relating to admission, Examination results, students' records and statistics, letters of identification & completion of studies, and academic transcripts while the Students' Affairs Division handles aspects relating to the social wellbeing of students, National Youth Services Corps matters and the counseling of students. The counselors can be trusted with any information given to them. They will listen and will not judge but will help students to cope with difficult situation. Students are also attached to Departmental advisors who counsel on academic matters.

2.CORPORATE AFFAIRS DIVISION. The Division handles the issuance of Identity Cards, arrangement for hostel accommodation, the Security and Health Services and also attends to the needs of students' Clubs and Associations. The Lagos City Polytechnic Ikeja Campus, for now, is a non-residential Institution. However, student's accommodation consisting mostly shared study-bedrooms are available in privately owned hostels located in close proximity to the Polytechnic. Polytechnic will normally assist students especially those coming from outside Lagos State in obtaining accommodation in these hostels.

There is free medical services for minor illnesses and injuries with standard first aid and non-prescription medications. Students are however financially responsible for health care obtained off campus. Health Services include health promotion programme and assistance to persons with disabilities and counseling about nutrition, chronic diseases, acute infections, social, emotional problems, family planning, sexual problems, blood pressure readings and monitoring. Purchases and Stocking are also done by the division.

3.THE BURSARY DEPARTMENT. The Bursary Department is charged with the collection and banking of all the Polytechnic monies. It maintains books of accounts and issues receipts for all monies so collected. All school fees are paid through the department.

The Department pays all salaries to staff and acts as adviser to the Rector on financial matters. The Bursary clears students for fees paid and undertakes the collection from Governments or corporate bodies, such monies for scholarships and/or Industrial Training Fund allowance for payment to deserving students. The yearly budgets is done by Department.

The Library houses the most modern books in all the disciplines offered. Modern audio visual and teaching aids are available.

The operating hours are as follows:

During Semester:
Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 5.00pm

During Vacation/Recess
Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 4.00pm
Admission of students and other persons into the Library is restricted to registered users. Such persons have to be issued with Library cards.

The following are eligible to register as readers in the Polytechnic Library:

i All senior staff members of the Polytechnic
ii All registered students of the Polytechnic
Diplomates of the Polytechnic and any other outsider may be permitted by the Polytechnic Librarian to use the Library on a temporary basis for the purpose of study and reference only.

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